How to play Craps – the best recommendations to play at casino or at home

How to play Craps – the main information and rules

Craps is a very popular game in gamblers’ society. The main reason of this vogue is quite simple: the rules are not complicated, but at the same time there are different types of bets, which are used during playing process, and these possible bets add variety to the whole game. And it’s practically enough to read the rules once to put away the questions: “How to play Craps?” or “How to play Craps dice game?”.

How to play Craps in Australian online casinos

When a question “How to play casino Craps?” appear in a gambler’s mind, it’s necessary to learn the essence of the game, the aim, the main craps rules and possible bets.

The main goal of Craps is to guess the numbers on dices, which are thrown by a Shooter. There is an interesting feature about dices throwing. The attempt should be made only by one hand. Besides, the dices must “touch” an opposite side of the table. If a Shooter loses, the “crown” is passed to the next player on the left side.

There are 2 main steps in the game. The first one is Come Out Roll. If there are from 4 to 10 points, the Point is fixed. 2, 3 or 12 mean that a Shooter loses. 7 or 11 make a winner out of Shooter, and new round starts. The second round Point Roll lasts till the summery of numbers is 7 or the fixed Point. The first situation makes a looser out of a Shooter. The other variant makes a winner out of a Shooter, and gives a chance to start another round.

If to speak about possible bets in Craps, the following ones should be mentioned first of all.

  • Pass Line. 7 and 11 are winning numbers; 2, 3 and 12 are lost ones; Point keeps a game to be continued. It’s, probably, the most popular bet to know, when other games with cards are thrown away, and there’s a question: “How to play Craps?” appears.
  • Don’t Pass Line. It’s just an inverse to Pass Line Bet.
  • Come. It’s a bet on any of the next Point. 7, 11 – win; 2, 3, 12 – lose. Any other point is Come Point, that’s why the bet is passed to another sector of the field with a chance to get extra coins, while there is no 7 on the table.
  • Don’t Come. It’s a bet after the Point is set. The summary of 12 means the return to a player; 2 or 3 are winning combinations; 7 or 11 mean the lose.
  • Pass Line Odds. An additional bet to increase Pass Line bet after the Point is fixed.
  • Don’t Pass Line Odds. An additional bet to increase Don’t Pass Line bet after the Point is fixed.

And these are not all the possible bets in Craps. Gamblers have a chance to immerse into the atmosphere of this fantastic game.

Many gambling sources in Australia open their doors in front of the fans of Craps. If a player wants to play for free, it’s usually no need to pass any complicated registration, but just enjoy the process. On the other hand, if a guest wants to play for real money, it’ll be necessary to give some personal information, including payment terms and some other specific parameters. But, in any case, it won’t take much time.

Craps from home and other ways to have access to the game’s sites

Today it’s not an issue to find an opportunity to get access to Craps, sitting on a sofa and watching the TV set. Laptops, cell phones and many other mobile devices are ready to offer the favorite game with no need to put own body from a soft bed.

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